How to Join this Clan??

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How to Join this Clan?? Empty How to Join this Clan??

Post by Spectra on Sat Nov 30, 2013 10:53 am

Make a new Topic "App: (Your Username)"

And then answer the following Questions. All Fields are required.

1. Your Name: (Your Full Name)

2. Username: (Your ALIAS Name)

3. Country: (Where are you from??)

4. Age: (Your Age, See expectations below)

5. Why do you want to join our clan?: (Say something)

6. Which Gametypes you Play?: (Eg. Instagib CTF, DM, etc.)

7. Any Outside Activity?: (Like Mod making or Mapping)


1. Your Age should more than or equal to 15.
2. You should atleast have Mapping Skills.

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